The memorial ceremony you hold for your companion animal can be anything you wish it to be. This is not a formalized, rigid ritual that leaves you out of the equation. You will choose and decide what is meaningful and representative of your pet and your feelings about him or her. The ceremony can be short or lengthy, simple or comprehensive — or anything in between. Perhaps you would like music, poetry, personal statements, humor. Whatever feels right for you is what you should have.

No one knows better than you how your companion animal should be remembered. Your active involvement in the creation of the memorial service insures that your pet will be appropriately honored and commemorated.

I have many years of experience in helping people reach inside to see what it is that they truly need and want. It would give me great satisfaction to work with you to create the perfect expression and format for your commemorative ceremony.

If you would like me to lead the ceremony, I would be happy to do that, as well.

A little about me...

I am a professional classical musician, healer and, most recently, a Universal Life Church Minister. My involvement with animals and with ceremony goes back many years.

I have participated in many ceremonies, both joyous and sorrowful, as a professional violinist. Additionally, I have written musical compositions — "Musical Memorials" — to commemorate and honor the memory of companion animals and humans. I have also performed spontaneously composed music during ceremonies.

I have spent my life healing myself as well as others. Over time I have developed and incorporated many different approaches and bodies of work.

In addition to healing I also assist in life/death transitions, using ceremony to help animals pass over with greater ease. I also often create specific flower remedy formulas to help ease grief and trauma for both people and animals.

And, finally...

I have been involved with both the creation and implementation of a wide array of ceremonies and I have never failed to be moved by their transformative powers.

The concept of holding memorial services for animals is very dear to my heart and something I am convinced is extremely important and very needed.

I hope you will feel free to contact me if you are considering having one. I will be honored to assist you in any way I can.

For more in depth information about me and my background, please click on Lucy's Bio.

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