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Flower Remedies

Flower remedies can provide gentle healing and emotional support during challenging times. Each flower has its own unique healing signature and addresses specific emotional imbalances.

Flower remedies fall under the category of vibrational healing. Subtle, yet profound, they can be used to ease grief, stress and anxiety, among other things, and help restore the psyche to balance.

I have used flower remedies myself for many years and have made numerous formulas for animals, as well as people. They come in tincture form and can be taken internally, sprayed or applied directly to the skin/fur.

This form of healing was originated by Homeopathic physician, Edward Bach.

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Distance Healing

In my distance healing work I use thought and visualizations transmitted energetically. I do not address health issues directly; instead, my intention is to facilitate the removal of blocks, assisting animals and people to be open and receptive to healing energies. As its name implies, I am not physically present with the animal or person on whose behalf I am working.

I also think of myself as a "Situational Healer." Sometimes it's not the person, but the situation that needs healing. When I am doing this type of healing I am focused on helping infuse positive energy into situations in order to bring them into balance and harmony.

Some animals may find it hard to let go when the time of passing comes. I can assist in the transition process so that animals are able to take their leave with greater ease and peace of mind.

This work is done at a distance. I am not physically present with the animal.
Farewell Ceremonies

It is traditional to honor the dead after they are gone, but I have often thought how nice it would be for the one who is nearing the end of his or her life to be present for the celebration — a memorial service in reverse.

Celebrating, honoring and saying good by frees your pet to leave in a spirit of peace and completion.