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I have been blessed to experience Lucy as a powerful healer in many aspects of my life. With deep intuition and wisdom, she has shown me how to create ceremonies to heal work problems, celebrate love, and honor grieving.

Her tremendous integrity, respect for others, and sensitivity in conducting these ceremonies has allowed them to accomplish the needed transformations in my life.


Lucy worked with us to create our unforgettable wedding ceremony. One of the special things about Lucy is that she really listens to you without interruption or judgment, and asks questions to get to know you, your experiences, feelings, and wishes on a deeper level.

Before the ceremony, we got together with Lucy to talk about what was important for us and to plan our ceremony. Lucy showed genuine and deep interest in us as people, wanting to know what moved us and what we wanted to focus on. She asked questions that helped us dig deeper, enabling us to be able to put our feelings into words. These conversations also helped us be prepared so that during the ceremony we felt free to just focus on celebrating life and love.

Lucy is a gifted speaker. Her energy is very calming. I think the best way to describe her is "she lets you be."

K. Jense

My dog, Harry, has always had fears and anxieties. When I brought him home from the shelter ten years ago at age 7 months he had, understandably, separation anxiety. Lucy and I are both professional musicians, and I knew she was doing intensive healing work with both animals and people.

She offered to make him a flower remedy formula to support his sense of himself as courageous and safe in the world. After a few weeks, his wailing and throwing himself against the door began to evolve into simply staying on the living room rug as I walked away —not that he wasn't also giving me the "I don't like this" look, but he was no longer beside himself with anxiety.

Within several months I was able to stop using the remedy. In his adult years, he developed an extreme aural sensitivity that would cause him to startle into a frenzy at the sound of small, sharp noises, like rain plinking on the window sill, or dinging bells heralding the right answer on a quiz show. Lucy offered to create another formula for him, one that would address both the underlying Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and his sound aversion.

Over the next months, with daily use of Lucy's formula, I started to notice that Harry was no longer freaking out when it rained, and that I could actually listen to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" without having an anxiety-stricken dog panting and climbing the walls.

Harry's anxiety subsided in phases, and soon the sounds that used to startle him were no longer triggering panic, or any other noticeable reactionn for that matter. They were just sounds to be noticed and processed without concern.

I am so grateful to Lucy for her empathy, intuitive insights and expertise.

Thank you, Lucy. And Harry, especially, thanks you.

Carol Zeavin

I have asked Lucy to do balancing for my cat, Regina, who has a "split personality."

Lucy was so attentive in listening to my description of Regina's condition. She then did a series of deep balancing over one month. She also made up a customized blend of flower essences to support the balancing work. As a result, Regina became calmer, more consistently balanced, and sweeter. This change has lasted and she is now a delightful member of our family.

I am so deeply grateful to Lucy for her unique gifts and for sharing them so lovingly with our cat!

Rae Ramsey

I met Lucy in 1996 in a Brain Gym workshop she taught in her home in my neighborhood. Lucy's warmth, patience and skill as a teacher and facilitator of our individual and group work was a wonderful introduction to her and her healing capabilities.

I gained appreciation of Lucy's aesthetic and spiritual sensibilities through her work in 2002-03 in composing musical memorials for animals and people. She recorded an original beautiful violin memorial piece for my Mother which touched my heart and helped me in my mourning process.

Lucy and I are devoted cat lovers. We have each cared for and nurtured each others' companion cats and in recent years, her dear Boston Terrier, Friede.

Lucy was a significant support to me during the final illness and death of my beloved cat Sassafras in 2010. She was emotionally sensitive, psychically aware and provided Sassy and me with the practical benefits of healing with flower essences.

Utilizing her knowledge, intuition and muscle testing, she constituted specific essences in spray form for my use to calm and strengthen Sassy and myself. On the day Sassy was euthanized Lucy visited, sharing my grief and gifting Sassy with a beautiful little pot of yellow daffodils. These became a symbol of comfort in the days that followed.

I also hold dear recollections of a memorial ritual Lucy created for her beautiful cat Queen Silkiana. Her attuned mindfulness in choosing specific objects of beauty for a remembrance altar for Silky inspired me. I recall the moments of profound silence following Lucy's sound healing, her prayers and our spoken remembrances of Silky. I shall never forget my awareness of a strong spiritual Presence in that silence. This for me was an authentic experience of Lucy's remarkable gift for creating ritual which reveals and opens the heart to healing Love.

Laurel Molloy